Why us

Sales & Marketing Experts Making Differences

Discover how you can work with us and start making a difference in your business today

1. Specialized Sales Experts

We act as your external sales team.

2. Sales Strategy Consulting

We identify new sales opportunities and develop new strategies for your existing sales department.

3. Business Development

We represent your business at networking events to spread brand awareness.

4. Integrated Marketing & Design Solutions

We’ll create and manage your brand collateral, from your website to your social media to your video content.

A Different Mission

Our mission is to make a difference where most people cannot, break down the barriers that most people are afraid to take on, and play a key role in our clients’ growth initiatives as their trusted sales and marketing experts.

We Value:


We strive for out-of-the-box thinking and ideas. In a world where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages and countless options, we take an unconventional approach to help our clients stand out from the noise. We foster a fun, inspirational work environment to keep our creativity flowing so that we are always finding new ways to help our clients grow.


We believe open communication is the key to any successful relationship. The WMD team will always remain authentic, giving clients the whole truth (even when it’s not so pretty) and only working with those we know we can truly help. After all, the only way to move your business forward is to review all the data and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Relationship Building

We are one big happy family. From the WMD team members to our clients, we take care of everyone we work with. We love getting to know our clients, who end up trusting us wholeheartedly enough to guide them in important decisions because we back it up with exceptional service and results.

Giving Back

WMD donates 10% of all profits to various charities. We regularly work to make our Boston community a better place by donating both time and resources to those in need. When you partner with us, you are helping us give back to many great local nonprofits.


Want to learn how we will make a difference in your business?

Meet The Team


Suzy Marsoubian

Founder & CEO

With over 28 years of experience in the field, I have seen first-hand how many companies, from local small businesses and startups to large international corporations, struggle to overcome obstacles in the ever-changing world of sales and marketing.


That’s why I decided I could make the most significant difference working directly with companies in that exact situation as their external sales and marketing expert. I finally fired corporate America in late 2018 to start We Make Differences and bring my dream to life.


WMD has had significant experience creating personalized marketing and sales plans to manage and resolve complex customer issues with proven results. Our team has earned numerous clients’ trust after consistently achieving and exceeding revenue growth expectations year over year.


When you work with us, you’ll enjoy our proactive attitude and strategies that allow us to hit your goals and metrics. And you can always be confident that your needs and desires come first.

Kristin Vita

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Kristin brings 20+ years of sales and marketing.  Her passion is built around relationships. She has been a trusted advisor of strategic partnerships, sales leadership and sales strategy. Kristin fosters an environment of professional leadership, guidance, and support, providing training and professional development to strengthen the sales force. She is passionate, creative and full of heart which makes her different. Kristin's ultimate goal is to make differences for countless clients.

Stephanie Chabot


Stephanie is a copywriter and content creator with over eight years of experience. She is passionate about producing strategic, engaging content that helps brands connect with and build their audiences. With a background in marketing and SEO writing, she understands how to craft informative and optimized copy.

Stephanie has helped clients across a range of industries, from lifestyle brands to food and farming to B2B services. Her specialties include website copywriting, blogging, and email marketing.